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Why Intentsify Is Partnering With LeadSift

Intent Data  |   July 30, 2020  |  by David Crane

Why Intentsify Is Partnering With LeadSift

We’re experiencing a period of immense growth at Intentsify.

At the end of our second full year in business, Intentsify's year-on-year growth has witnessed:

  • 110% expansion in employee count;
  • 308% increase in customer base; and
  • 454% jump in revenue.

But we still have a ton more to do.

The next facet of our growth: formal, strategic partnerships. While we’ve been working collaboratively with several other intent data providers for a while, we’re now focusing heavily on formalizing our partner relationships, offerings, and data integrations.

Why we’re focusing so heavily on partnerships

When the value of your technology is based on the premise that layering multiple intent data feeds provides a broader and more precise picture of target-buyer needs while making it easier to act on intent-driven insights, partnerships with other intent data providers are important. That’s one reason why we were so excited last week to formally announce our partnership with LeadSift.

Another reason for our excitement: like Intentsify, LeadSift is doing something unique in the marketing tech and data space. LeadSift’s platform combs the public web (such as social media sites) to show you which of your target accounts are engaging with competitors, specific keywords, and events relevant to your product and service offerings. No other intent provider is doing this.

Combining Intentsify’s proprietary intent data with LeadSift’s data provides B2B marketing teams with a more precise view of the market. Not only is this key to identifying which potential buyers to focus on and with which messages, but it also enables marketers to act on that intel to engage identified accounts, quickly and meaningfully. 

More than just buyer intent data, end users benefit from efficient, turnkey intent-activation solutions—including programmatic advertising and lead generation—resulting in increased target-account engagement, conversion rates, return on media spend, and brand experience. A once tedious workflow becomes an effective way to quickly adjust demand generation efforts according to changing market needs.  

Here’s what the founders have to say about the partnership

“The incredible value of intent data has been proven. Unfortunately, converting intent insights into impactful actions is an immense roadblock for many B2B marketing teams. By combining two complementary intent data sources, the integration with LeadSift not only provides marketers with a more powerful view into prospects’ interests and readiness to buy, but it also helps ensure such prospect intel translates to meaningful, demand-generating engagements.”

-Mike Kelly, Co-Founder, Intentsify

“One of the biggest challenges with intent data is properly actioning it. To properly leverage intent signals, marketers need to reach buyers via multiple different channels—targeted ads, personalized email nurtures, content syndication programs. Partnering with Intentsify allows marketers to make activating the intent data super easy.”

-Tukan Das, CEO, LeadSift

Here’s what a joint customer has to say…

“When two uniquely different data sets both identify the same intent signals, that’s powerful. When you have a solution that aggregates and digests those signals for you, and then helps you act on those signals to engage prospects, that’s even more powerful, because it’s efficient. That’s exactly what this partnership provides.”

-John Phillips, Director, Partnerships & Demand Generation, Nerdery

If you have any questions about how this partnership can benefit your team, please reach out to us at sales@intentsify.io or sales@leadsift.com.

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