Charlie Allieri

Charlie Allieri is Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Intentsify. He has an impressive career dedicated to developing innovative solutions, operational efficiencies, and go-to-market models for B2B businesses. Having successfully launched five data-driven SaaS/DaaS products, Charlie’s achievements in these ventures were driven by detailed assessments of existing assets and market opportunity analyses, combined with operational excellence and executional focus.

In his last several opportunities, Charlie led the transformation of aging businesses. He implemented organizational, operational, and strategic improvements to accelerate growth. In every instance, the go-to-market model and new solution development was integral to driving business growth.

His career has been divided between sales/marketing leadership roles at large B2B technology brands (e.g., Infor, NCR, and Teradata) and entrepreneurial endeavors launching/re-engineering businesses.

As CEO of Imperium, Charlie led the business through an acquisition and integration. He redefined Imperium’s strategic vision and transitioned the business to a SaaS-operating model. Prior to Imperium, as president of his consulting firm, GTM Acceleration, Charlie launched a DaaS solution in just six months. Prior to GTM, he held the role of Chief Data Officer at Aberdeen group, where he drove incremental value to customers and business operations by re-engineering processes and rearchitecting platforms. iLantern and Kemvi were two additional entrepreneurial ventures that launched first-to-market predictive SaaS solutions, applying analytics and machine learning to unstructured data.  


Charlie Allieri