David Crane

David Crane is VP, Portfolio Marketing and Chief of Staff to the CMO at Intentsify. He is responsible for articulating the company’s vision, technology, and solutions. An “accidental marketer,” David began his B2B marketing career at Integrate in 2011, where initially he was just trying to make ends meet while working on his Ph.D. dissertation in economic history. However, the discipline quickly hooked him, and before long he was directing Integrate’s messaging, content creation, thought leadership, and sales enablement efforts. In 2019 he joined the product marketing team at Bombora, where he worked cross-functionally with product, sales, and marketing before joining Intentsify in 2020. 

David currently lives in San Diego, CA, and is a regular contributor to various business publications, writing about intent data, MarTech, and B2B marketing.


David Crane Headshot