Jeff Aucone

Jeff Aucone is the Vice President of Data Strategy and Partnerships at Intentsify. Prior to joining, Jeff was the Principal of Global Data Acquisition at Dun & Bradstreet, where he led data partnerships for D&B’s Sales & Marketing Solutions division. He joined Demandbase five years later in 2021 as the Director of Data Strategy & Sourcing, where he drove the data sourcing and packaging strategy for Demandbase.

Jeff enjoys exploring data—learning what’s available, then brainstorming ways to leverage it either independently or in combination with other data sets. For example, as a big fan of Formula 1, he says, “F1 race cars stream over 2 GB of data per lap. From this data, adjustments can be made to the car during the race to optimize performance. I’m always searching for data that will optimize a customer’s performance.“