Where It All Started

Proven Track Record of Excellence

Former tech publishers and longtime friends Marc Laplante and Mike Kelly observed a growing gap in the predictive analytics space. B2B go-to-market (GTM) teams were looking for ways to capture additional buyer and account intelligence beyond historical lead generation—specifically to know where an organization was in its buyer’s journey, and valuing any signal that helped to predict that. To accommodate that need, in 2012, Marc and Mike launched Prelytix—the industry’s first and only predictive platform that leveraged intent data from thousands of publishers. 

With their initial success, they realized that buyer and account data was becoming absolutely critical for navigating the highly dynamic B2B buying and selling process. But they knew they needed access to a range of intent data sources and signal types, and a way to synthesize all that data into actionable intelligence.

Marc and Mike sold Prelytix in 2015 to focus on generating more value for teams that are under the gun to deliver increasingly dynamic market- and buyer-aligned revenue generation strategies. In 2018, Marc and Mike launched Intentsify to fulfill this vision.  

Who We Are at the Core

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Put Customers First

Our customers trust us to help them solve complex business challenges, and we take that commitment seriously. We dive deep to understand your pain points, needs, and opportunities, and we strive to deliver customized solutions that surpass your expectations every time.

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Collaborate Openly

Intentsify values a culture of individual expression, diversity of opinion, and freedom of thought. A close-knit team, we treat each other like family—knowing excellence can only be achieved as one unit. Win or lose, we do it together.

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Stay Curious

We’re never done learning. We question common assumptions and know “best practices” change all the time. By constantly seeking out new information to hone and expand our skills, we keep our careers fun while continuing to master our respective crafts.

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Be Bold

Because we created a completely new category of intent-driven technology, we know nothing great ever came from playing it safe. We strive to innovate, taking calculated risks and inspiring one another daily to reach our goals.

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Act with Integrity

We operate with complete transparency and measure ourselves against the highest standards of integrity. We do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Intentsify by the Numbers 

59% Customer Base Increase
3x Year-Over-Year Growth
71% Employee Headcount Increase

Meet the Minds Behind Intentsify

Marc Laplante

CEO and Co-Founder

Mike Kelly

President and Co-Founder

Jennifer Ross

Chief Marketing Officer

Anudit Vikram

Chief Product Officer |
General Manager, Digital

Eric Belcher

Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder

Ed Laplante

Managing Director, Emerging Markets and Co-Founder

Larry Whitman

Chief Financial Officer

Charlie Allieri

Chief Operating Officer

Ajay Subherwal

Chief Revenue Officer, EMEA & APAC

Devon Wellbrock

SVP, Global Sales

Marco Lagi

VP, Artificial Intelligence

Liz McCann

SVP, Customer Experience

Jenny Gustafson

VP, Customer Operations

David Bressler

VP, Media Solutions Sales

Marissa Picca

VP, People

David Crane

VP, Portfolio Marketing and Marketing Chief of Staff

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors strives to create long-term value for Intentsify's stakeholders. Members include Intentsify CEO, Marc Laplante, Intentsify President, Mike Kelly, and experts from BV Investment Partners.

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"Don’t fall in love with what you’ve built, stay in love with your customers. Build something that brings them value and listen to their feedback as much as you can. There’s nothing wrong with innovative and flashy, but if the customer has no need for something you’ve built, it won’t succeed."

Marc Laplante

CEO, Intentsify