Elevating Data Science to the Art of Activation  

B2B revenue teams have no shortage of data. But marketing, sales, and customer success teams require more than just data. What's needed is holistic, validated buyer and account intelligence to fuel your GTM strategies—and the right tools and programs to put those strategies into action. That's where Intentsify's Intelligence Activation Platform comes in.

How the Intelligence Activation Platform Works

How the Intelligence Activation Platform Works


Digests & Layers Data Sets

Agnostic to intent data sources, Intentsify's platform digests all of your existing data feeds and layers them upon Intentsify's data. 

  • Leverage all your available intent data sources to fuel your strategies 
  • Expand coverage of your target accounts' and buyers' research activities
  • Dissolve data silos and analyze intent signals in the right context
  • Free your teams from manually managing, organizing, and analyzing disparate data sets

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Verifies & Synthesizes
Intent Signals

One-off intent signals skew the intelligence fueling your strategies and engagement efforts. Intentsify's platform corroborates signals, synthesizing those shared by multiple data sets into the broadest, most precise view of your buyers' evolving interests and mindsets.

  • Boost the accuracy of the data driving your GTM strategies and tactical decisions
  • Understand how your B2B buyers' needs evolve at each stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Develop effective GTM strategies that evolve alongside target accounts' and buyers' continually changing needs

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Triggers Intelligent Actions

Your data-driven strategy is only as valuable as your ability to execute it. Intentsify’s platform tools and demand activation programs put your dynamic GTM strategies into action—with efficiency and impact.  

  • Deploy your GTM strategy faster and more effectively via Intentsify's turnkey demand activation programs
  • Maximize the impact of numerous additional use cases across the entire customer lifecycle, from top-of-funnel target account list creation to post-sale customer expansion efforts
  • Deliver a more natural, frictionless buyer experience, accelerating pipeline velocity and reducing customer acquisition costs

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But Don't Just Take Our Word for It ...

Colm Shalvey TripActions Headshot

"We use intent data throughout our marketing engine to target campaigns, help prioritize sales outreach, and identify potential new targets. We're limited by what data vendors are able to ingest in real-time, making it a very manual process. Intentsify bridges the gap by enabling us to run campaigns that always drive actual leads and MQLs for sales, backed by intent data. We've already doubled down on our investment with them due to results."

Colm Shalvey

Head of ABM, TripActions

Amy Grucella Commvault Headshot

"Easy to use, can get granular with keywords unlike other intent tools and is relatively turnkey and affordable. Does the "acting" on intent for you with easy to automate content syndication and display programs. Love that it can also feed other intent signals into its dashboard for a singular look."

Amy Grucela

SVP Marketing Strategy, CommCreative


“Intentsify has created the really 'too good to be true' solution in intent data–a combination of the best parts of user friendly data, great customer service, and low cost vs. competitors.”

Tony Lombardo

Senior Marketing Strategist and Technologist, Commvault Systems

Smiling man holding a tablet
Smiling man holding a tablet

Take Control of Your Data.
Act with Intelligence. 

Learn why enterprise and high-growth B2B organizations are turning to Intentsify's Intelligence Activation Platform to accelerate revenue creation.

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