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Stop wasting cycles on the wrong individuals. Intentsify Orbit delivers verified contact data for in-market accounts with research activities aligned to your unique messaging and solutions​–even if they’ve never filled out a form.

By cross-referencing multiple types of online and offline data, you get unrivaled insights on accounts, buying groups, and their intent to buy. This means better intelligence to power your full-funnel activation programs.

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Effectively Engage Buying Groups with On-Target,
AI-Driven Messaging

Stop missing the mark on what your target accounts care about. Our synchronized, intent-driven activation programs surround buying groups with relevant messaging and content—perfectly aligned with the topics, solutions, and products they're actively researching.

It doesn't stop there. Leverage Intentsify's intelligence on buying group and persona engagement, content performance, and intent signal trends to continuously optimize results and ROI.


Continuously Validated Information on the B2B Contacts You Care About Most

The data speaks for itself. Access complete, up-to-date contact data for in-market buying groups.

135M+ B2B Records
110M+ Business Emails
102M+ LinkedIn URLs
46M+ Direct Numbers
33M+ Mobile Numbers
90% of Records Updated Monthly

Continuously Validated Information on the Contacts You Care About Most

The data speaks for itself. Access complete, up-to-date data on contacts within buying committees that are actively showing interest in your solutions.

135M B2B Records
110M Business Emails
102M LinkedIn URLs
46M Direct Numbers
33M Mobile Numbers

Why B2B Brands Choose Intentsify's Buying Group Contact Data



Powered by Intentsify Orbit

The largest, most precise, self-optimizing contact dataset in the market

Fueled by Precision Intent Data

Delivering only buying group contacts from in-market accounts researching solutions like yours


Turn Key, Fully Managed Activation

Activate buying group contact data quickly, easily and effectively with intent-activated programs