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The Content Syndication Guide [Infographic]

Intent Data  |  Demand Generation  |   December 9, 2021  |  by Jaymi Onorato

The Content Syndication Guide [Infographic]

You’ve probably heard the saying “content is king” before. It’s inarguable that content marketing is an effective tactic for boosting B2B digital marketing strategies—helping you build awareness and establish trust—but creating valuable content is only half the battle.

What Is Content Syndication?

It’s critical to ensure your content is getting in front of the right target audiences—but this becomes harder and harder to achieve (organically) because digital channels are more saturated than ever. To help, marketers have turned towards content syndication—a form of third-party demand generation that leverages media partners to distribute your branded content via a variety of channels to reach broader audiences, while acquiring privacy-compliant prospect contact information.

Intent Data: Amplify Your Content Syndication Program

And using intent data, you can amplify the impact of your content syndication program—it identifies which accounts are in an active buy-cycle and highlights the content most likely to resonate with those accounts (and at which geo locations)—resulting in better prospect experiences and higher conversions. A few ways you can leverage the intent insights, specifically, include:

  • Segmenting intent-identified target accounts into separate campaigns;
  • Aligning content assets with prospects' interests and buyer’s journey stages; and
  • Select the right combination of engagement tactics and messages to use for each in-market account.

As there are many variables that can dictate the success of your program, it’s critical to get the setup right. In this infographic, we walk you through several important steps all B2B marketers should take to help you drive the best results—from building your target-account list (TAL) to analyzing post-campaign performance.

Guide to Content Syndication-1


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