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How to Select Intent Data Topics and Keywords, and Activate Results

Intent Data  |   November 12, 2020  |  by David Crane

How to Select Intent Data Topics and Keywords, and Activate Results

Serving as a navigational tool for B2B organizations employing account-based strategies, intent data has boomed in recent years. According to B2B sales and marketing consultancy TOPO, 62% of companies are using one or more intent data solutions. And a recent Demand Gen Report survey found that 85% of respondents are either currently leveraging or planning to leverage intent data.

But intent data success isn’t always as easy as “click and go.”

Like any other technology or data investment, developing a framework for how you plan to leverage intent data—before you jump into using it—can determine whether you achieve quick, robust impact or get mired in frustrating, lackluster results.

With this in mind, we developed Intentsify’s new guide Activating Intent Data: Understanding, Selecting, and Monitoring Topics & Keywords to help B2B marketers get started on the first step to intent data success.

In this guide—filled with helpful diagrams, checklists, tables, expert quotes and more—you’ll learn how to begin constructing a customized framework to help maximize the impact of your intent data investments.

Specifically, this guide will help you:

  • Discover the benefits and drawbacks of both intent topics and keywords, and why monitoring both in concert is key to understanding which companies you should target, and with which messaging
  • Learn how to select both topics and keywords according to your organization’s specific buyer-journey stages and solution categories
  • Explore the various ways to segment accounts based on topic- and keyword-based intent signals

Grab your free copy here!

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