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Intent Use Case Spotlight: Digital Advertising [Infographic]

Intent Data  |  Demand Generation  |   March 24, 2022  |  by Jaymi Onorato

Intent Use Case Spotlight: Digital Advertising [Infographic]

2021 was a big year for digital advertising—with MAGNA forecasting global ad spend to exceed $700 billion by the end of the year (up 22% from 2021), the highest growth rate they’ve ever recorded.

Thanks to more robust targeting data and activation tools (e.g., intent data and Intentsify’s Intent-Activated Programmatic Solution, respectively) B2B marketing teams can serve tailored, relevant, and helpful ads that greatly amplify the impact of nearly all digital ad tactics.

With intent data and intent-driven solutions, teams can improve their digital-ad program performance—and increase return on advertising budget—by using intent-driven intelligence to:

  • Identify and target accounts that are in an active buy-cycle, serving ads specifically to companies (and specific office locations) that are already researching their products/services
  • Tailor ad creatives most relevant to those accounts’ online research activities.
  • See which companies have viewed your ads, and weigh against their latest research activity to further prioritize accounts.

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