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Wining About Marketing (Episode 1): ABM vs Account-Based Orchestration

Intent Data  |  Demand Generation  |   October 29, 2020  |  by David Crane

Wining About Marketing (Episode 1): ABM vs Account-Based Orchestration

A few months ago, either Ed Laplante (Intentsify’s SVP of Sales) or Mike Kelly (Intentsify Co-Founder)—depending on whom you ask—had an idea for a new marketing-focused video project. 

The concept was simple: a group of B2B marketing and sales leaders discussing today’s most important marketing topics.

The twist: Ed or Mike (again, depending on who’s asked) decided to layer in the not-so-unheavy consumption of wine. (Clearly a result of in-person-event withdrawals.)

The two quickly shared the idea with Sabrina Galati and Ashley Cohen, Co-Founders of Tenx4. Liking the basic premise, but knowing how to take it up a notch, Sabrina and Ashley had the fantastic idea of adding to the mix:

  • AJ Resnick, Chief Experience Officer at Wine Access—an experienced B2B marketing leader would add much value to the marketing discussion; and
  • Vanessa Conlin, Head of Wine at Wine Access (and certified Master of Wine)—who would teach us a bit about the wine.

The last step was selecting the first special guest—that is, the person who we’d pay in wine to let us grill her on difficult marketing questions. There was no debate—Jess Weimer, Vice President of Global Revenue Marketing at Confluent, was our No. 1 pick.

Luckily, Jess said yes. She only requested that we select a cabernet for the wine and focus on the subject of account-based marketing (ABM) vs. account-based orchestration (ABO).

The result was a lively discussion that covers:

  • Understanding the differences between ABM and ABO
  • Getting a handle on the inter-departmental agreement required to ensure a successful account-based strategy
  • Knowing who owns the ABO implementation process and how to get started
  • Working with tech vendors amid launching your account-based strategy
  • Using intent data to improve your ABO strategy and boost results

Only time will tell whether this new format resonates among the wider B2B marketing crowd. But two things are certain:

  1. We had a great time creating the video
  2. If the project fails, all the blame will fall squarely on the shoulders of either Ed or Mike (again, depending on who you ask)

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