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Bombora and Intentsify Announce Partnership to Power and Activate Intent Intelligence

Newsroom  |   September 21, 2022  |  by Intentsify

Bombora and Intentsify Announce Partnership to Power and Activate Intent Intelligence

FRANKLIN—September 21, 2022—Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data solutions, and Intentsify™, the Intelligence Activation Platform and Demand Activation Programs provider, today announced Intentsify’s platform will automatically ingest Bombora’s Company Surge® intent data for all Intentsify customers to validate and further augment account intelligence. The partnership enhances go-to-market (GTM) strategies for B2B sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

Intentsify’s platform and solutions were built on the criticality of using multiple intent data sources to fuel increasingly sophisticated go-to-market (GTM) strategies. B2B organizations have traditionally struggled to manually stitch together disparate intent data feeds to gain the signal coverage and accuracy today’s dynamic strategies require. Numerous intent data source types, signal-tracking methods, and scoring models prevent users from digesting, synthesizing, and acting on the data while it’s still relevant.

By adding Bombora’s high-quality intent data, Intentsify strengthens intent signal coverage and accuracy, improving the account intelligence fueling customers’ GTM strategies. Bombora’s intent data comes from the world's largest consent-based data co-op, with buying signals across 5,000 websites and over 4 million companies. As a result, Intentsify customers benefit from next-level buyer and account intelligence that they can quickly activate across a range of use cases.

“We’ve had great success using Intentsify to synthesize multiple intent data sources into account intelligence that we can quickly activate across demand programs,” said Stephanie Williams, Senior Manager of Corporate Campaigns at Sysdig. “And we’re really excited about Intentsify’s new partnership with Bombora—it’ll make the intelligence fueling our strategies that much more powerful and effective.” 

Whether through Intentsify’s Demand Activation Programs or one of the numerous other use cases supported by Intentsify’s Intelligence Activation Platform, the addition of Company Surge® data enables Intentsify customers to plan and execute their strategies more efficiently and effectively, scaling revenue contribution and customer satisfaction while saving time and budget.

“From day one, Intentsify operated on the belief that every intent signal brings value to our customers,” said Intentsify CEO, Marc Laplante. “We set out on a path to capture as many intent signals as possible, help make sense of them for our customers’ various needs, and enable them to quickly act on the resulting account intelligence. By adding Bombora’s powerful Company Surge® data to Intentsify’s existing array of native intent sources, our customers benefit from the most comprehensive data-driven demand generation and digital advertising products on the market today.” 

“We’ve seen growing demand for intent data and signals, but continue to see some sales and marketing organizations struggle to convert insights into actions,” said Erik Matlick, CEO and co-founder of Bombora. “Intentsify has helped solve this problem, making it easier for B2B companies to monitor intent across their target accounts and then act quickly. This helps sales and marketing better engage with in-market prospects and leads to much greater results. We’re excited to integrate with this solution and make these efforts seamless for marketers and sellers.”

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Bombora tells businesses which companies are researching their products and services. With this understanding, sales and marketing teams can be more relevant and consistent and improve performance across all activities. This intent-driven approach revolutionizes the way businesses market and sell to other businesses through transparent data built on an ecosystem of quality, collaboration and innovation. With direct integrations with dozens of leading data and media-buying platforms, Bombora is building a world in which business buyers value sales and marketing for its relevance, timeliness and accuracy. To learn more, visit


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