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Through efficient delivery and implementation of proprietary, next-generation precision intent data, you can identify companies exhibiting research behaviors directly related to your business solutions. With pinpoint accuracy, our Intelligence Activation Platform shows you where buyers are in the purchasing process, reveals the issues they care about most, and empowers you to engage them quickly and effectively.

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What Your Business Needs, Precision Intent Delivers.

Intentsify fuels precision interactions as the first and only AI-driven intent data solution using advanced natural-language processing (NLP) to automatically calibrate intent-scoring models to specifically match your business's unique requirements.

  • 140 billion monthly intent signals across multiple types of sources and languages
  • Industry-leading patent-pending NLP technology automates setup
  • Signal visibility at the URL level—the first and only intent solution to do so
  • Intuitive reporting and in-depth analytics, illuminating interplay between buyer intent signals and digital program engagements

Experience the future of buyer intent.

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Intent Activation Programs

Precision Intent Equals Programs With Results.

Scale your brand and demand performance in tandem with a synchronized, AI-driven approach. Through our intent-driven content syndication and intent-driven display ad programs, you gain full visibility into how targeted accounts and personas are engaging with your branded assets. You will also leverage advanced AI-generated, customized intent signals to send timely, relevant ads based on target buyers' unique research behaviors and readiness.

Discover how precision intent drives digital program success.

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How Intentsify Uses Intentsify

Power Your Pipeline with Signal-Based Marketing

B2B marketing is no easy feat. Success demands more than just clever campaigns — you need the right tools, technology, and team to drive real results. At Intentsify, we practice what we preach. We asked our marketing and sales team how they use intent data in their role and why adopting a signal-based marketing strategy is the key to success.

See how Intentsify uses Intentsify

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6 Native Data Sets, Billions of Intent Signals. Unlimited Options.

1.1T Intent signals per month
4.2M Identified in-market target accounts
460K+ B2B content sites

"Our buyers were overwhelmed with irrelevant content and sales calls, which can drive a poor customer experience. It’s getting harder and harder to cut through the noise through traditional channels and have really relevant conversations with our prospects. Intentsify helps us solve these challenges."

Shelby Aprile

Senior Marketing Manager, Oracle


"With Intentsify, we’ve seen a much higher MQL-to-opportunity rate as well as increased deal size, which is leading to some of the top pipeline within the channel. In fact, we’re seeing a 10x pipeline-to-spend ratio. Plus, there’s just an ease of working with Intentsify due to the immediate responses we receive from the team."

Casey Culler

Affiliate and Partner Marketing Manager, PagerDuty


"Identifying which target accounts are in an active buy-cycle was an important piece, but we still required an effective way to get decision-makers at those accounts to engage with our brand. Intentsify's intent-activated demand generation solution is the best and easiest way to both get your branded content in front of targeted personas at intent-identified accounts, and convert them into quality top-of-funnel leads."

John Phillips

Head of Demand Generation and Partnerships, Nerdery


GTM Teams Need More than Just Data.

Execute your always-on GTM strategies with our portfolio of AI-driven B2B buyer-intent intelligence, multi-channel digital media programs, and analytics.

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