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What's New: Intentsify Orbit, Buying Group Contact Data, and More

Product Updates  |   April 17, 2024  |  by Susan Orcutt

What's New: Intentsify Orbit, Buying Group Contact Data, and More

Intentsify’s intent-activated solutions have leveled up, offering exciting new products and capabilities that unlock powerful data, insights, and activation paths to help your sales and marketing teams make more effective business decisions and grow revenue.  

Check out the latest and greatest updates from our product team.

Intentsify Orbit

We recently announced the launch of Intentsify Orbit, the industry’s most comprehensive and precise identity graph that arms B2B teams with actionable contact data to accelerate deal cycles and revenue growth. Intelligence and marketing programs are synchronized, automated, and optimized to provide the best results and ensure target audiences are met and marketed to with extreme precision. 

With expanded intel signal coverage at the contact level, customers get a better view of buying group activities, needs, and priorities. The enhanced data output includes: 

  • Intent Data: 1.1T+ monthly intent signals across content sites and monitored intent topics. 

  • Contact Data: Millions of contact records, business emails, LinkedIn URLs, and phone numbers. 

  • Firmographic Data: Industries, IP addresses, and company domains, including revenue and employee count. 

  • Digital Data: Tracked IP addresses for digital ads, mobile advertiser IDs (MAIDs), and HEMs for identity management and file matching. 

  • Technographic Data: Thousands of tracked technologies. 


Buying Group Contact Data

Powered by Intentsify Orbit, our Buying Group Contact Data delivers continuously validated contact data for in-market accounts with research activities aligned to your unique messaging and solutions. This includes companies who’ve never filled out a form. 90% of records are updated monthly, ensuring that you’re using the most up-to-date contact data to power your go-to-market efforts.  

With this add-on, you can now: 

  • Access verified data for up to 10 contacts within each in-market buying group 
  • Identify new contacts from target accounts that have engaged with your branded content 
  • Target buying groups with relevant ads aligned to their unique research activities via Intentsify’s Intent-Activated Solutions


Automated Intent Delivery for Leads

You can now receive automated, weekly reports of Intentsify’s intent intelligence across accounts that have generated leads through content syndication. This will help improve performance across all use cases, including lead scoring, lead nurturing, and sales outreach. It also will help accelerate sales and enable more effective marketing orchestration. 

Autodiscovery Optimization

When setting up your intent topics and keywords through Intentsify’s Autodiscovery tool, our AI technology now leverages OpenAI to synthesize your value propositions and marketing materials before analyzing articles. This enables Intentsify to produce better topic and keyword recommendations and Dynamic1 URLs that more closely align with your unique value propositions while also enhancing the accuracy of Buyer Research Stages.

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