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Intentsify Unveils the Industry’s Largest B2B Identity Graph, Elevating Intent-Driven Marketing Solutions

Newsroom  |   March 26, 2024  |  by Intentsify

Intentsify Unveils the Industry’s Largest B2B Identity Graph, Elevating Intent-Driven Marketing Solutions

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Intentsify, the leading provider of B2B intent data and AI-powered activation solutions, has today announced the launch of Intentsify Orbit, the most extensive and precise B2B identity graph. This new offering greatly enhances the breadth, granularity, and accuracy of the company's data solutions and significantly improves the effectiveness of intent-driven digital marketing programs. 

With expanded intent signal coverage at the contact/device level, customers get a better view of buying group activities, research patterns, and readiness to buy. By converging multiple data sources into one identity graph, Intentsify Orbit provides identity confirmation, ensuring the highest possible data quality to power digital marketing programs. This enhanced data output includes:  

  • Intent Data: Over 1.1 trillion monthly intent signals derived from over 400k B2B content sites and monitored intent topics. 

  • Contact Data: Over 382 million contact records, business emails, LinkedIn URLs, and phone numbers. 

  • Firmographic Data: Over 3,000 industries, 203 million IP addresses, and 20 million company domains with 100% fill rate for revenue and employee count. 

  • Digital Data: Over 1.6 billion tracked IP addresses for digital ads, 5 billion mobile advertiser IDs (MAIDs), and 4 billion HEMs for identity management and file matching. 

  • Technographic Data: Over 12,000 tracked technologies.

“Intentsify Orbit is an evolutionary leap in our platform's capabilities, setting a new standard for targeting precision and marketing efficacy,” said Gary Noke, CEO of Intentsify. “This innovation showcases the commitment we have to our customers and the industry to accelerate revenue and decrease customer acquisition costs.”  

While robust intent data has always powered Intentsify’s Intent Activation solutions,  Intentsify Orbit significantly enhances the precision and efficacy of those programs, most notably the Ad Solutions product. Intentsify Orbit also creates the foundation for the introduction of additional innovations — the first being Buying Group Contact Data. 

Orbit not only fortifies Intentsify's suite of data-driven marketing solutions but also caters to the critical need for privacy-conscious, precise marketing in a shifting digital environment. In the wake of heightened privacy concerns and the phase-out of third-party cookies, Intentsify Orbit offers a future-proof solution, enabling brands to scale their reach and deliver personalized advertising without third-party cookies. 

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