Intentsify Orbit Delivers More Value Than the Largest Data Companies…Combined

Intentsify Orbit takes marketing intelligence to the next level. With expanded intel signal coverage at the contact level, customers get a better view of buying group activities, needs, and priorities. The enhanced data output includes:

  • Intent Data: Monthly intent signals across content sites and monitored intent topics.
  • Contact Data: Millions of contact records, business emails, LinkedIn URLs, and phone numbers.
  • Firmographic Data: Industries, IP addresses, and company domains, including revenue and employee count.
  • Digital Data: Tracked IP addresses for digital ads, mobile advertiser IDs (MAIDs), and HEMs for identity management and file matching.
  • Technographic Data: Thousands of tracked technologies.
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Intentsify Orbit by the Numbers

1.1T Monthly Intent Signals
382M Contact Records
203M IP Addresses
5B Active MAIDs
12K Tracked Technologies

Understand Customer Behavior. Accelerate Revenue.

Stop accepting second best. When your digital ad and lead generation programs are powered by Intentsify Orbit’s immense dataset, you get more access to the audiences you care about most. Gone are the days of receiving swaths of static contact lists that aren’t actionable and full of inaccurate data. Now, you have a contact dataset that is constantly growing and self-healing and synchronized with your activation programs. This means more qualified leads, highly targeted digital ads and a faster path to revenue.

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Why B2B Brands Choose Intentsify Orbit


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Increase pipeline with more audience intelligence than ever

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Accelerate revenue growth

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Decrease customer acquisition costs