Your Data-Driven Strategies Are Only as Good as Your Ability to Act on Them Intelligently.

Intentsify's intent-driven content syndication and display advertising programs efficiently execute your dynamic GTM strategies—so your target accounts and buyers get a more natural, frictionless experience.

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Intent-Driven Content Syndication

Intent-qualified leads from decision makers at target accounts who have requested to download your branded content.

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Intent-Driven Display Advertising

Contextually relevant, persona-targeted impressions served to in-market accounts at the right geo locations.

Some Leading Thoughts on Demand Marketing ...

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"Identifying which target accounts are in an active buy-cycle was an important piece, but we still required an effective way to get decision-makers at those accounts to engage with our brand. Intentsify's intent-activated demand generation program is the best and easiest way to both get your branded content in front of targeted personas at intent-identified accounts, and convert them into quality top-of-funnel leads."

John Phillips

Head of Demand Generation and Partnerships, Nerdery

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"Working with the Intentsify team has been great and quite seamless. The results have been good and interesting and allows for multiple other venues to be explored to create GTM strategies."

Tanya Aguiar

Partner Marketing Manager, Bitsight


“Intentsify has created the really "too good to be true" solution in intent data —a combination of the best parts of user friendly data, great customer service, and low cost compared to competitors.”

Tony Lombardo

Senior Marketing Strategist and Technologist, Commvault