Maximize Your Clients' Return on Media Spend

When you partner with Intentsify, your clients’ paid budgets are maximized. Whether it’s more conversions for their programmatic plays or more in-market leads generated from their target account list, the results you’ll deliver to your clients will be the best they’ve seen yet.

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The Best AI-Driven Intent Data Available Powering the Smartest Intent Activation Solutions

Intentsify Orbit is the largest, most precise AI-driven identity graph in the industry. Every intent activation program deployed with Intentsify is powered by this dataset. This means more qualified leads, highly targeted programmatic plays and a better outcome for your clients.

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Elevate Your Approach. Streamline Results.

Traditional Agency Approach

Partnered with Intentsify

Siloed approach to media planning, activating and reporting Full funnel approach that streamlines media planning, activating and reporting
Juggling multiple vendors, RFPs, reports, billing, etc. Access to a comprehensive media partner network -- all through one vendor
Activating and allocating media programs based on a feeling Activate media programs based on best-in-class intent data


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"Has the process in place that is focused around helping their customers to solve complex business challenges. Intentsify generates qualified demand across North America, EMEA, and APAC by aggregating and digesting intent signals from multiple sources. Our partnership had been great as the team is very friendly and communicative!"

Marketing and Advertising Agency


"We're limited by what vendors are able to ingest that kind of data in real-time, making it a very manual process. Intentsify bridges the gap by enabling us to run always on campaigns that drive actual leads and MQLs for sales that are backed by intent data. We've already doubled down on our investment with them due to results."

Head of ABM



"Easy to use, can get granular with keywords unlike other intent tools and is relatively turnkey and affordable. Does the "acting" on intent for you with easy to automate content syndication and display programs. Love that it can also feed other intent signals into its dashboard for a singular look."

SVP, Marketing Strategy



"I like the fact that it's a smaller team and we get personalized attention. And the list of topics we can select is targeted, unlike other vendors who use broad terms."

Marketing Operations Manager


jonathan tress

“It’s all about trust. I have to be sure that the partner I trust with my clients’ media spend are going to deliver best-in-class programs and highly qualified leads. Intentsify does that. Plus it allows me to focus on strategic initiatives for my clients instead of getting stuck in the delivery.”

Jonathan Tress, VP of Media Marketing