• Joe Paone
    “Working with Intentsify has been a game-changer for our marketing strategy. Their scalable programs and insightful intent data have not only elevated our outreach efforts but have significantly contributed to a substantial increase in our marketing-influenced pipeline."

    Joe Paone

    Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing, Splunk

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  • Colm Shalvey

    "We use intent data throughout our marketing engine to target campaigns, feed sales with insights to help prioritize outreach, and identify potential new targets. That being said, we're limited by what data vendors are able to ingest in real-time, making it a very manual process. Intentsify bridges the gap by enabling us to run campaigns that always drive actual leads and MQLs for sales, backed by intent data. We've already doubled down on our investment with them due to results.

    There are a lot of vendors that will show an amazing UI and dashboards around intent data of all forms, however the challenge I've experienced at multiple stops has been figuring out how to make that data actionable. Intentsify does that extremely well in my experience."

    Colm Shalvey

    Head of ABM, TripActions

  • Tony Lombardo
    "Intentsify has created the "too good to be true" solution in intent data–a combination of the best parts of user friendly data, great customer service, and low cost vs. competitors.”

    Tony Lombardo

    Senior Marketing Strategist and Technologist, Commvault

  • Colleen Sheley
    "I was so excited to present to the executive team and explain that 95% of the leads we generated were net new."

    Colleen Sheley

    SVP of Marketing, Alvaria

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  • "Our buyers were overwhelmed with irrelevant content and sales calls, which can drive a poor customer experience. It’s getting harder and harder to cut through the noise through traditional channels and have really relevant conversations with our prospects. Intentsify helps us solve these challenges."

    Shelby Aprile

    Senior Marketing Manager, Oracle

  • Kelly Cheng

    "Our partnership with Intentsify has really proven the quality of the intent data, and you can see it in the numbers. After we set the program up, it started running on its own and we didn’t have to check in with the team often—because the lead flow was already happening."

    Kelly Cheng

    Head of Marketing & Growth, Goldcast

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  • Casey Culler
    "With Intentsify, we’ve seen a much higher MQL-to-opportunity rate as well as increased deal size, which is leading to some of the top pipeline within the channel. In fact, we’re seeing a 10x pipeline-to-spend ratio. Plus, there’s just an ease of working with the team due to the immediate responses we receive from them."

    Casey Culler

    Performance Marketing Manager, PagerDuty

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  • Tanya Aguiar

    "Working with the Intentsify team has been great and quite seamless. The results have been good and interesting and allows for multiple other venues to be explored to create GTM strategies."

    Tanya Aguiar

    Partner Marketing Manager, Channel Impact at BitSight

  • John Phillips
    "Identifying which target accounts are in an active buy-cycle was an important piece, but we still required an effective way to get decision-makers at those accounts to engage with our brand. Intentsify's intent-activated demand generation solution is the best and easiest way to both get your branded content in front of targeted personas at intent-identified accounts, and convert them into quality top-of-funnel leads."

    John Phillips

    Head of Demand Generation and Partnerships, Nerdery

  • Stephanie Williams
    "Intent data was really the bridge into ABX for us in a lot of ways. In looking at the volume of BDR-sourced opportunities—both pre- and post-intent—the volume of opportunities more than doubled with BDR access to relevant, timely intent data."

    Stephanie Williams

    Director of Global Campaigns, Sysdig

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  • Liz Wood

    "Intentsify is indispensable in supporting our pitches and supplementing the tools within our client’s existing technology stack."

    Liz Wood

    VP of Demand Gen

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