Intentsify's Data & Platform

1. Do customers require a pre-existing third-party intent data subscription to use Intentsify?

No. While one of Intentsify’s greatest benefits is layering multiple sources/types of intent data to both expand coverage of prospect research activities AND verify signal accuracy, many of Intentsify’s customers get started with intent data by first using our proprietary data, which includes two types of intent data: topic-based signals (ensuring contextual relevance) that show whether the activity is indicative of early- or late-stage research; and customized keyword-based signals (allowing for niche targeting).

2. How does Intentsify derive its intent data?

Using natural language processing (NLP), Intentsify’s technology categorizes content across the web by topic and further identifies any content considered to be indicative of either early- or late-stage research activity.

Our technology then connects the research activities of customers’ targeted accounts (using IP-identification techniques) to topically categorized web content and customized keywords, providing intent data on each company, including:

  • Topic scores: On a range of 1 to 100, these scores provide a measurement of the current week’s content-consumption activities into specific customer-selected topics, analyzed against a historical baseline of each company’s research into those topics.
  • Topic stage: The assigned buying stage for a topic that is being researched by a target account, calculated using Intentsify's proprietary NLP engine.
  • Keyword-based signal counts: These verify and complement topic-based data by tracking companies’ research relating to keywords tailored to each customer’s needs, products, competitors, etc.

3. What’s the difference between intent topics and intent keywords?

4. Can I integrate my existing third-party subscriptions when using Intentsify?

Yes. Intentsify can directly ingest any of your pre-existing third-party intent subscriptions into our software to increase intent signal accuracy and strengthen the aggregate intent score.

5. Does your data extend its reach outside of the United States? Which regions/countries are supported?

Intentsify’s intent data currently supports North America (NA), Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Latin America (LATAM).

6. Does Intentsify offer data at the individual level, company level, or both?

Intentsify’s intent data provides buyer-intent signals only at the company level. This is because we respect consumer privacy and comply with all data-privacy regulations. Providing intent signals at the individual level risks crossing ethical and regulatory boundaries.

To activate these account-level intent insights at an individual level—in a privacy-compliant manner—Intentsify’s Intent-Activated Demand Generation solution enables customers to gain contact-level information from individuals at intent-identified accounts who have opted into providing their data. The resulting lead data is compliant with all applicable data privacy regulations.

7. Does your data/software ingest first-party data as well, such as analyzing prospect research on customers’ websites?

Yes. Intentsify offers our customers the ability to place Intentsify’s pixel on your website, enabling you to layer your website visitor data (i.e., first-party intent data) atop Intentsify’s intent data. In fact, we highly recommend this practice—third-party intent signals are most useful and informative when analyzed against intent signals derived from your owned web properties.

8. Does Intentsify help with identifying which intent topics and keywords to track for specific use cases?

Yes. We understand that, because intent data is still a relatively new product category, there’s a learning curve when it comes to selecting and monitoring the right intent topics and keywords. And intent data’s value is very much dependent on selecting the right mix of topics and keywords. For this reason, we support our customers’ topic/keyword-selection efforts in two ways:

  • Intentsify’s Intent Activation™ software includes a one-of-a-kind feature allowing our customers to use natural language processing (NLP) technology to scan their own websites and automatically identify the best topics and keywords to monitor.
  • Intentsify’s DataOps team is always on hand to help our customers throughout the topic/keyword selection process if you wish to do this manually.

If you’d like further education/guidance about intent topic and keyword selection best practices, please refer to our guide “Activating Intent Data: Understanding, Selecting, and Monitoring Topics and Keywords.”

9. How does Intentsify’s Intelligence Activation platform and data pricing work?

Intentsify offers our customers several software options to ensure you get the resources and features you need without paying for those you don’t. The various software options include two preset packages as well as a customizable option, all of which are based on the number of:

  • Accounts/companies monitored
  • Topics and keywords monitored
  • User seats
  • Integrations

10. What is the cancelation policy?

Intentsify’s software subscription allows customers to cancel their subscription up to 30 days prior to the subscription’s renewal date.

Intentsify & Data Privacy

1. What is Intentsify’s stance on data privacy and the use of third-party cookies?

At Intentsify, we care about consumer privacy, as well as our customers’ concerns over their clients’ data privacy. These are serious issues that we never take lightly. And we work hard to anticipate changes in the industry—from emerging government regulations and social trends to evolving technologies and customer needs—so that we’re always one step ahead, providing helpful, privacy-compliant solutions.

Any personal data Intentsify captures, stores, transfers, and/or uses is fully compliant with local regulations, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Additionally, we’re currently testing databases that attach unique identifiers to organizations, which will allow us to align an individual’s online research activities to an organization without ever leveraging any personal identifiable information (PII).

You can read Intentsify’s full point of view (POV) on data-privacy regulations, the future of cookies, and the effect on intent data here.

2. If an agency signs a subscription contract and the data is being passed through to the client (who is not the signing party on the contract), is that GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM compliant?

Yes, Intentsify’s intent data remains 100% compliant with the GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM regulations.

Intentsify's Demand Activation Programs

1. What demand activation programs does Intentsify offer?

Intentsify currently offers two Demand Activation programs: Intent-Activated Demand Generation and Intent-Activated Display Advertising.

  • Intent-Activated Demand Generation: Delivers contact info (i.e., leads) from decision makers among intent-identified companies who have specifically requested to access our customers’ branded content. Includes a rigorous, multi-step lead verification process to ensure all data is valid, conforms with campaign parameters, and complies with all data privacy regulations.
  • Intent-Activated Display Advertising: Ensures your ads are only served to accounts actively researching topics, keywords, and products highly relevant to your unique business offerings. Not only does this increase your return on ad spend, but it also helps nurture target accounts through the buyer’s journey, boosting funnel conversion rates and pipeline opportunities. Further, it offers a unique reporting structure that goes beyond clicks and impressions and provides intent insight regarding where that company is in its buyer’s journey—using a variety of different intent signals.

2. How does pricing for Intent-Activated Demand Generation solution work?

Intentsify’s demand generation program is priced on a cost-per-lead (CPL) model. CPL prices vary based on customer-selected targeting parameters.

3. How does pricing for Intent-Activated Display Advertising solution work?

Intentsify’s display advertising program is priced on a cost-per-mille (CPM) model. CPM prices vary based on customer-selected targeting parameters.

4. Do Intentsify’s programs include detailed account-level intent signals and insights?

Yes, both of our programs provide detailed intent data reporting on each account from which a lead was generated (in the case of the demand generation solution) or that clicked on an ad (in the case of the programmatic solution) for the duration of the respective program.

5. Regarding the Intent-Activated Demand Generation solution, does Intentsify work with other vendors to generate leads?

Yes, Intentsify works with an ecosystem of carefully selected and monitored media companies/publishers to fulfill our customers’ lead goals. These media partners specifically target and generate leads from accounts prioritized by Intentsify’s algorithm.

If you represent a media company interested in working with Intentsify to fulfill our customers’ demand generation campaigns, please complete this form and we will reach out to you if there’s a good fit.