IntroducingThe Playbook

Signal-Based Marketing

We asked our marketing and sales team how they use Intentsify in their role and why adopting a signal-based marketing strategy is the key to success.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Turn intent data into signal-based marketing.
  • Build an intent-driven demand generation campaign.
  • Get better leads through digital channels.
  • Prioritize accounts for sales outreach.
  • And more!

Unlock the Team's Strategy

How Intentsify Uses Intentsify eBook

Meet The Intentsify GTM Team

Chief Marketing Officer

Allie Kelly

Demand Generation

Hannah Swanson

Digital Marketing

Kenna Rooney

Content Marketing

Meghan Brisson

Business Development

Steven Chavez

Revenue Operations

John Kozlowski

Marketing Operations

Emma Huez

Account Executive

Anthony Arcudi

Strategic Account Executive

Robert Gleavy