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Why We Love Intent Data, and Why You Should Too

Intent Data  |   February 14, 2024  |  by Kenna Rooney

Why We Love Intent Data, and Why You Should Too

As a marketing team here at Intentsify, working with intent data has become second nature. And it is hard to see other teams struggling when they either haven’t unlocked intent’s full potential, aren’t embracing the importance of it, or even not leveraging intent at all.  

Modern go-to-market teams need more than traditional strategies. Everything we do must be dynamic and adapt to whatever our buyer’s journey looks like – and that’s always unique. That’s why leveraging intent data is a non-negotiable. These intelligence insights have transformed the way B2B teams approach customer engagement, turning leads into deals faster than ever.  

These reasons are why Intentsify exists today. We fell in love with the possibilities to activate better GTM strategies with intent.  

Unveiling Buyer Intent 

“Intent signals, and more importantly, context around these signals, have been instrumental in providing the highest quality leads for our clients.  We love to hear feedback on the pipeline opportunities our leads generate. While we aren’t “saving lives” in our line of work, it’s extremely rewarding saving our clients time, money, and energy.” -Jenny Gustafson, Senior VP Customer Operations at Intentsify 

Understanding buyer intent is like deciphering a hidden code that can unlock the doors to successful marketing campaigns. Traditional approaches often involve casting a wide net and hoping for the best. However, intent data provides a sharper focus by revealing the digital breadcrumbs left by potential customers. 

Armed with this data, it can identify specific signals that indicate a prospect's interest or intent to purchase. These signals may include online behaviors like keyword searches, content consumption patterns, and engagement with specific marketing channels. By decoding these, teams can tailor their strategies to align with the prospect's needs, creating a more personalized and effective approach.  

Enhanced Targeting and Personalization 

One of the primary reasons why marketers and sales teams adore intent data is its ability to supercharge targeting efforts. With traditional methods, it's challenging to differentiate between lukewarm leads and those ready to purchase. Intent data, however, allows teams to prioritize their efforts by focusing on prospects actively searching for relevant solutions. 

Imagine having a list of prospects who have recently engaged with content related to your product or service even if they didn’t fill out a form. Intent data enables marketers to tailor their messaging based on these insights, ensuring that communication is relevant and timely. This level of personalization not only enhances the buying experience but also significantly increases the chances of conversion. 

Strategic Content Creation 

Content marketing is a cornerstone of modern digital strategies, and intent data amplifies its impact. Armed with insights into the topics and types of content prospects are engaging with, marketers can fine-tune their content creation strategies. This enables teams to produce content that resonates with the audience, addressing their concerns and guiding them through the buyer's journey. 

Whether it's blog posts, whitepapers, or webinars, intent data enables teams to align their content with the interests and needs of their target audience. This not only increases the chances of capturing attention but also positions the brand as a valuable resource in the eyes of potential customers. 

“Targeting with intent has completely taken the guessing game out of marketing and has changed my outlook all together. It even changed my mind about display advertising, something I never thought I would get behind. There is no more “turning on and crossing your fingers and hoping to get the most out of your budget.”  

Everything I do now is based off intent and the results I have seen in comparison are shocking. I am delivering the right message based off buyer stages to the right accounts showing interest in our business solution when they need to see it most. But I will tell you all more about that in my next B2B marketers' perspective. Long story short, I love using intent data, and from one marketer to another, you should too.” -Kenna Rooney, B2B Digital Marketing Manager at Intentsify 


Shortening Sales Cycles

“I have a very special relationship with intent data; as my career in the B2B marketing space, really began to take off when it was introduced to the market over a decade ago.  

At Intentsify, our unique combination of reach, accuracy and customization made me love it even more! It’s allowed me to find new and innovative ways for me to support my customers, from helping them prioritize accounts and drive brand and demand programs, to preventing customer churn and increasing their share of wallet with existing customers.  

On the flip side, without Intent, my own sales organization would have its limitations, but we are unstoppable! We leverage the same intent signals we provide to our customers, to drive our brand and demand initiatives, to generate qualified leads and to understand the entire global account’s needs, where they are in their buyer journey, to help us engage with the right buyers, in the right locations, with the right message, at the right time.”  - Devon Wellbrock, Head of Sales, Americas at Intentsify 


For sales professionals like Devon and their team, time is of the essence. The faster a lead can be converted into a customer, the better. Intent data accelerates this process by providing real-time insights into a prospect's readiness to buy. Instead of spending valuable time on leads that aren't actively considering a purchase. 

By narrowing in on prospects exhibiting buying signals, sales representatives can tailor their pitches to address specific pain points and showcase the most relevant features of their offerings. This targeted approach not only improves the efficiency of sales cycles but also enhances the overall effectiveness of sales efforts. 

“LOVE it…pun intended. 

Because I started my career as a sales and marketing practitioner…determining who to target your efforts has been paramount in achieving success.  Earlier on, data was my friend.  In sales your precious resource is time.  And in marketing it’s your budget.  You get rewards for achieving and surpassing goals, and the only way to do that in both disciplines is finding an advantage to drive better efficiency and effectiveness as the next guy.  Intent data does just that.  It’s a cheat code for where to focus efforts and resources to achieve the highest result.”  - Charlie Allieri, President of Product & Technology at Intentsify 

Optimized Budget Allocation 

Marketers are constantly faced with the challenge of optimizing their budgets to achieve the highest return on investment. Intent data acts as a guiding light, helping teams allocate resources more effectively. By understanding which channels and campaigns are generating the most intent signals, marketers can allocate their budget to the most impactful strategies. 

This optimization doesn't just stop at channel selection. They can also fine-tune their messaging and creative elements based on the insights gained from intent data. This level of precision ensures that every dollar spent is directed towards activities that are most likely to drive results. 

Improved Collaboration Across Teams 

In the world of business, collaboration is key. Intent data facilitates collaboration between all functions in the GTM team because everyone is rallying around the same accounts. By sharing insights into customer intent, teams can align their strategies, ensuring a cohesive and consistent approach across the entire customer journey. 

For example, if marketing identifies a surge in intent signals for a specific product or feature, they can communicate this to the sales team, enabling them to adjust their focus accordingly. This collaborative approach not only enhances efficiency but also fosters a unified front in the pursuit of customer acquisition and retention. 

The “love affair” between go-to-market teams and intent data is not just a passing fling but a long-term commitment. As businesses continue to navigate the complex landscape of customer engagement, the ability to unveil customer intent, enhance targeting, personalize interactions, and optimize resources becomes invaluable. Intent data is the cupid that brings these teams together, helping them forge stronger connections with prospects and customers, ultimately leading to increased revenue and overall business success. 

This is why we love intent data, and you should too. 

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