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First Impressions of B2B Buyer Intent

Intent Data  |  Demand Generation  |   April 13, 2023  |  by Jennifer Ross

First Impressions of B2B Buyer Intent

It’s been said that people form impressions about a person’s competence in as little as half a minute; some say it’s closer to a fraction of a second. This means listeners will decide rather quickly whether you are trustworthy, and they will do it based on your body language and vocal attributes. What you say and how you say it are equally important. But first impressions are complicatedthey can be shallow, and frankly, inaccurate. 

The First Impression Phenomenon

The first impression phenomenon usually relates to a person, but since joining Intentsify, I’ve seen that the first impression phenomenon can be just as true about a thing.  In this case the thing is buyer intent data and the companies that provide buyer intent data. Countless people, including industry professionals, have asked me what Intentsify does, and as soon as I utter the words Intentsify provides B2B organizations with the most accurate, comprehensive buyer-intent intelligence in the market today, and solutions to act on that intelligence, they say, Oh, intent data, I know what you do, you’re like [insert name of one of many other intent data or ABM providers here.] All they’ve heard is “Blah, blah intent data. First impression formed.   

What Makes Intentsify Different?

If only “you had me at intent” was enough.  Unfortunately, that would imply that you know all there is to know about intent, or worse, that all intent data is the same. It’s not. By discounting or categorizing someone—or in this case something—in an instant, you might be missing out. It could mean the difference between simply targeting the right account and winning their business—and who doesn’t want/need a pipeline accelerator and revenue multiplier? Intentsify isn’t “blah blah blah intent.” Intentsify’s precision intent is the multiplier. It’s the X-Factor, the thing that will have the most significance on the outcomes of your go-to-market (GTM) efforts.  

Here’s why Intentsify is not the same as the others. Our Intelligence Activation Platform: 

  • Combines the latest AI technologies with the first and only intent-derivation methodology that analyzes your organization’s website pages and messaging to calibrate intent models precisely to your unique business solutions    
  • Identifies companies exhibiting research behaviors directly related to those solutions, pinpoints where they are in the buying process, and dynamically surfaces the issues they care about most as they progress through their journey   
  • Powers multi-channel digital media programs based on buyer journey stages to quickly engage in-market companies with the right messaging at the right time 

Rethink Your Impressions: The Ever-Evolving World of Intent Data

Technologies are constantly evolving, and so are the buying behaviors and the intent signals that provide insights into those behaviors.  If your first impression about intent data is based on current or past experiences with it, you are probably not realizing the full value intent data can provide. So before you say, “Oh, intent data, I know what you do,” remind yourself that change is constant, and the intent data landscape is no exception.   

Learn more about how Intentsify can be your X-Factor, just like we were for Goldcast, who scaled pipeline 10x against spend. 

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