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How Intent Data Helps Marketing Agencies Navigate Third-Party Cookie Deprecation

Intent Data  |  Customer Delight  |   May 29, 2024  |  by Ling Wong

How Intent Data Helps Marketing Agencies Navigate Third-Party Cookie Deprecation

The cookie apocalypse presents unique challenges for marketing agencies as they help their clients navigate third-party cookie deprecation — especially when implementing account-based marketing (ABM) strategies where delivering targeted content and messaging is critical to success.  

You're not alone if your clients hope your agency will address all their cookie woes with a wave of the magic wand. However, the complexity of today's data processes means many components are outside an agency's control. So, how can you bring the most value to the table? Let's review the top challenges and how you can help your client thrive in the [third-party] cookie-less world. 

Why is it so challenging for agencies to navigate the deprecation of cookies? 

For agencies that help clients implement ABM strategies, third-party cookie deprecation will make tracking user behaviors and gathering data for targeted advertising more challenging. While you may explore alternative data tracking methods, you must understand their restrictions.  

For example, first-party data relies on a client's ability to collect accurate prospect and customer information, and advanced analytics techniques may require your clients to make substantial investments in their data infrastructure. Meanwhile, most mid-sized agencies can't afford to subscribe to or license many expensive research tools to gain deep audience insights to inform their pitches and strategies. 

Additionally, companies must adhere to fast-evolving privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA in their data collection and targeting strategy. Unfortunately, setting up the proper technologies and processes to meet compliance requirements often involves complex and lengthy internal procedures. 

Moreover, many advertisers increasingly rely on walled gardens — platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn with their own ecosystem of user data and targeting tools — for data and targeting capabilities. However, this approach may limit flexibility and increase costs, hurting your KPIs. 

How to help your clients succeed in the cookie-less world.

Navigating the cookie apocalypse is a collaborative effort between agencies and clients. Educate your clients about tracking, targeting, and reporting best practices to help them align internal capabilities and adapt business and data strategies to support their new marketing approach. 

Support your clients to evaluate and adopt new technologies and tools like advanced analytics platforms, identity resolution solutions, and privacy-preserving technologies that enable effective targeting and measurement without relying on cookies. Explore alternative data sources and strategies for audience targeting and measurement. These include first-party data, contextual targeting, cohort analysis, and predictive modeling. 

Also, incorporate tactics and mechanisms to collect first-party data in your marketing strategy. Ensure your clients have robust data protection measures, consent management capabilities, and internal processes to maintain transparency in their data collection and usage practices. 

Additionally, integrate  intent data into your clients' ABM strategy to inform targeting and personalization to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. A reputable intent data vendor will only send you high-quality leads that have provided consent to ensure adherence to data privacy regulations. 

For example, Intentsify helps agencies streamline planning and activating digital programs with precise and actionable audience insights and buying group contact data for each target account. You can use the intent data to fuel your clients’ ABM strategy, activation programs, and analytics from a single dashboard. 

Intentsify in action: How we help MOI Global support their clients' ABM strategies 

MOI Global, an agency specializing in account-based marketing (ABM), uses Intentsify to help them deliver accurate insights at scale.  

They use our platform to size audiences and evaluate target accounts for their clients. They also leverage our data to understand prospect intent and signals for specific keywords while creating synergies between programmatic and syndication. MOIchart

Besides our data quality and technical capabilities, MOI works with us because we provide full transparency into our lead and data sources. They value our full-funnel approach's visibility and our solution's scalability. Plus, they're confident about our services because of our performance record and top-notch customer support. 

Moreover, MOI chose Intentsify because we combine ad solutions with media activation and robust reporting to enhance visibility and client communications. For example, the team uses our filtering feature to see what impacts lead scoring for each account from different perspectives to augment their client's ABM execution. 

Our reporting capabilities normalize data from multiple sources, analyze the information, and present insights from a campaign performance perspective to save mid-sized agencies like MOI substantial time and resources. Instead of waiting days or weeks to get raw datasets, they can pull real-time reports to inform their tactics and enhance client communications. 

Want to see how MOI Global helps an enterprise cloud client boost on-site engaged visitor rate for AMB success by shifting ad dollars to boost metrics that matter using Intentsify? Download the case study for an insider look at intent data in action.

Intent Data for Agencies Case Study

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