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How To Build Trust Between Marketing and Sales

Intent Data  |   May 1, 2024  |  by Tim Pedersen

How To Build Trust Between Marketing and Sales

Imagine a world where marketing and sales teams work together seamlessly, without any friction or disjointed efforts. Sounds ideal, right? This vision of harmony isn't just a pipe dream; it's entirely achievable. It all starts with trust — a crucial yet often elusive element in the relationship between these two key business functions. 

I’ll go out on a limb and say that most sellers are familiar with the monologue in “Glengarry Glen Ross” — ABC, always be closing. Alec Baldwin’s character famously disputes that "the leads are weak” and says that the good leads are for “closers.” Now, I wouldn't go running to this movie for real sales advice, but it does hint at a deeper issue: a lack of trust and alignment. Despite the decades that have passed and the evolution of sales and marketing tools, this issue remains pertinent. Without a solid foundation of trust, the path to success for marketing and sales teams is not only difficult but also littered with missed opportunities. 

The Million-Dollar Question: What is Trust Worth? 

For both marketers and sales professionals, trust isn't just a nice-to-have; it's everything. It's the soil from which productive collaboration grows, allowing both teams to combine their strengths effectively. Yet, building and maintaining trust is often easier said than done. The secret? Ensuring both teams are aligned and using the same data to inform their strategies and actions. 

The Role of Intent Data 

In our data-driven era, intent data is changing the game for marketing and sales. It tracks potential buyers' digital footprints, revealing their purchasing intent. This data can be gold — it helps identify leads that are more likely to convert, making both teams more efficient and effective. 

And here's where Intentsify Orbit comes in — the industry’s most comprehensive and precise identify graph that arms B2B teams with actionable Buying Group Contact Data. By giving both marketing and sales access to the same intent data (via the Intentsify platform), it ensures a seamless flow of information. This alignment is key to strategizing and executing in a way that speaks directly to what potential customers want. 

Advantages of Shared Intent Data 

  1. Enhanced Lead Quality: When marketing and sales work from the same set of data, the leads handed off are of much higher quality. This means sales can focus on leads that are truly interested, boosting conversion chances. 
  2. Improved Communication: Sharing intent data is like giving marketing and sales a common language. It cuts through potential misinterpretations, fostering a culture of openness. With a mutual understanding of the data, collaboration becomes smoother, and strategies can be tailored to meet potential buyers right where they are. 
  3. Increased Close Rates: With detailed intent data at their fingertips, sales teams can customize their outreach, addressing each lead's specific interests and concerns. This personalized approach significantly ups the odds of sealing the deal. 
  4. Faster Path to Conversion: A strategic follow-up process powered by shared intent data means leads move through the buyer's journey more swiftly. Marketing can nurture leads with targeted content until they're ready for a sales touchpoint, which then delivers personalized solutions, streamlining conversions and delighting customers. 

Bridging the Gap: The Path Forward 

Achieving full alignment between marketing and sales is an ongoing process. It demands dedication, open communication, and a readiness to adapt. Platforms like Intentsify play a pivotal role in this endeavor, offering a robust tool that can substantially improve the dynamics between these essential business units. 

As teams grow more skilled in leveraging shared intent data, new avenues for collaboration and innovation will emerge. The insights gleaned can inform content creation, product development, and customer service strategies, fueling a cycle of continuous improvement and growth. 

In sum, the bond between marketing and sales is invaluable and serves as the backbone of any successful business strategy. By tapping into the capabilities of Intentsify and the treasure trove of shared intent data it offers, companies can bridge the gap between these crucial teams. The result? Not just enhanced lead generation and conversion but a more unified and dynamic organization equipped for lasting success.

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