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How to Synchronize Display Advertising and Content Syndication Programs

Demand Generation  |   January 16, 2024  |  by Rebecca Scafidi

How to Synchronize Display Advertising and Content Syndication Programs

Reaching every prospect in a single, perfectly targeted channel would be a marketing nirvana. While we’re getting closer to that ideal state by learning to harness the power of intent data, the current reality for modern marketers still has its challenges.  

Today's buyers don't sit idle in one digital corner or immediately raise their hands to speak to a salesperson. They're savvy researchers, consuming content and soaking up information at their own pace from multiple sources. They also might not be quick to fill out a form on a landing page like they once were. It’s the job of the B2B marketer to be able to gain a holistic view of the buyer and be able to effectively market to them with various channels.  

Precision intent sheds light on your buyers' hidden world – where they are, how they consume information, and what drives their knowledge quest. Ditch the guessing games by easily identifying accounts actively researching, tailoring your message to their specific needs and preferences, and personalizing your outreach based on their research stage.  

But understanding intent is only half the battle. Activating digital marketing programs against intelligence is where marketers start seeing returns.  

Tried and True Digital Lead Generation Programs

Content Syndication 

Content syndication is a third-party demand generation strategy that leverages media partners to distribute branded content, allowing you to reach a broader audience. Once someone downloads that piece of content, you receive privacy-compliant contact information to fuel your pipeline. 

Display Advertising (or Programmatic Display)

Display advertising is a type of online advertising that uses customized ads to promote your products, services, or brands. Think of it like the digital version of those glossy print ads you see in magazines and newspapers, but with more interactivity and targeting capabilities.  

The Importance of Synchronizing Digital Lead Gen Programs 

Content syndication plants the seeds of awareness, promoting your brand message across relevant platforms.

Display advertising then acts as the sunshine and rain, nurturing those seeds into leads and, eventually, loyal customers.    

Here are four reasons why content syndication + display advertising = B2B marketing magic: 

  1. Exponential Amplification

    By strategically targeting the same audience with eye-catching banners or sponsored content just as they're reading your syndicated masterpiece, you reignite their interest and nudge them further down the funnel.
  2. Stage-Specific Messaging

    Buyers aren't monolithic. Some are just browsing, others are deep in research mode, and a few are ready to buy. The beauty of this integrated approach is that you can tailor your message to their specific stage. Pro Tip: Use content syndication to educate early-stage prospects with informative articles and engaging infographics. Then, hit them with targeted display ads as they move towards purchase, offering personalized demos or exclusive discounts. 
  3. ROI on Steroids

    Marketing budgets are precious, finite resources and you can’t afford less than great ROI An integrated content syndication and display advertising strategy allows you to maximize ROI by multiplying touchpoints and optimizing messaging for each stage, ensuring a seamless buyer journey that accelerates pipeline growth. 
  4. Better Retargeting

    Buyers who have already shown interest in your products or services by visiting your website or engaging with your ads are far more likely to come back and convert. It creates a powerful opportunity for marketers to retarget accounts or buyers that have already expressed interest in the same or similar products or services. Pro Tip: Discuss how to set up various assets in the market for content syndication and then what types of ads you can trigger to accounts that download to further them down the funnel. Sysdig set the bar on how to execute a cross-channel strategy and saw the benefits quickly.

It's time to ditch the disjointed act and start making your demand generation programs work harder for you. Of course, having a solution that gives you access to turnkey synchronized lead generation programs makes it easier, but you need to build a foundation of fully integrated marketing programs before you can see the results you want.

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