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Reach Your Target Audience with Customized Display Ads Powered by Precision Intent

Intent Data  |  Demand Generation  |   July 18, 2023  |  by Intentsify

Reach Your Target Audience with Customized Display Ads Powered by Precision Intent

Every marketer aims to reach as many people in their target audience as possible, especially in B2B marketing. But unlike B2C, B2B purchases involve multiple personas and decision-makers, and the buying process usually takes months or even years. At the same time, each account and each decision-maker’s needs are unique. B2B organizations can’t afford to waste valuable time on uninterested audiences or irrelevant messages. Instead, they must maximize their limited resources with ads calibrated to each target account’s interests and delivered to them in the right places at the right time. 

But digital display advertising can be more than just a means of reaching a specific audience. By integrating precision intent data insights, display becomes a strategic channel for maximizing audience reach. Next-generation precision intent data uncovers in-market accounts, their buying stage, and the issues they care about, enabling marketers to identify and engage target accounts with the messages aligned to their interests during an active buying cycle. And the resulting buyer intelligence is not limited to companies already on a target account list. Precision intent data expands your visibility of in-market accounts outside your target list so you can reach new audiences, increase performance, and drive revenue.

Expand Your Target Account List (TAL) to Reach New Audiences 

A key benefit of precision intent data is its ability to identify in-market accounts on your target account list. But did you know it can also help you find new in-market accounts similar to your best prospects or customers? Lookalike modeling is a solution every marketer needs in their toolbox to expand their audience reach and acquire new customers.  

Using an existing list of accounts, lookalike modeling identifies shared attributes among those accounts that are predictive of your desired brand awareness or demand generation performance goals. Lookalike models powered by precision intent data identify lookalike accounts that are actively in-market for your products or services so that you can scale your display programs to new prospects and find whitespace opportunities.

Extend Your Target Audience Reach with Cross-Channel Advertising 

In an ideal world, all B2B prospects could be reached within a single channel. We could deploy all our marketing budget to that single channel, where every interaction would occur. Unfortunately, in today’s reality, applying that tactic would cause you to miss out on a large portion of your target audience who are at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Prospects research products and consume content across multiple channels. And marketers must have flexibility in their ad programs to meet buyers wherever they choose to engage and at whichever stage they are in the buyer’s journey. 

That’s where precision intent data informs and optimizes your cross-channel strategy. A cross-channel strategy creates a cohesive buyer journey across multiple channels to engage and build strong relationships with prospects. Marketers can identify the right in-market accounts and their evolving interests and journey stage to create a holistic sequence of messages across channels that resonate with buyers and generate exponentially better results.

Tailor and Personalize Ad Experiences with Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)  

Buyers’ needs change quickly, and digital marketers lack the knowledge, time, and tools to quickly optimize display ad programs based on intent signals that evolve with the buyer’s journey. Buyers are bombarded with thousands of ad messages every day, so the one-size-fits-all approach to ad messaging is no longer sufficient to achieve desired performance goals. 

Fortunately, digital marketers can quickly adapt to buyer needs, tailor ad experiences, and maximize audience reach with dynamic display ads. Rather than creating multiple versions of the same ad, dynamic creative optimization rapidly builds iterations of an ad using the same base creative while tailoring parts of the ad based on audiences, context, and past performance. 

Adding precision intent data to dynamic display ads creates a powerful opportunity for marketers to tailor each target account’s experience based on research activities and buying stages. As target accounts move through stages or change interest areas, dynamic display solutions serve the creative and message best aligned to each account’s current research needs, scaling program performance over time.

Focus Resources on Relevant Buyers with Geolocation Targeting  

Precious marketing budgets and resources are hard to come by these days. That’s why it’s critical that every dollar spent goes toward the most relevant and likely buyers. Geolocation targeting can help marketers maximize ad reach by focusing budget on areas with in-market buyers and excluding areas with uninterested audiences. A major benefit of this capability is the opportunity to tailor ads to a highly targeted buyer segment, making the ad program more impactful and cost-effective.  

Precision intent data provides buyer intelligence on in-market accounts and where that research activity comes from. By applying precision intent data with geolocation targeting, marketers can zero in on specific geolocations with high levels of research activity and create highly relevant, personalized ads for interested buyers or accounts that cut through the noise and improve ad performance. 

Expand Audience Reach and Re-engage Buyers with Retargeting

Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to re-engage buyers and increase conversions. It can also help marketers expand their audience reach. Buyers who have already shown interest in your products or services by visiting your website or engaging with your ads are far more likely to come back and convert. And they’re an incredibly valuable audience pool for lookalike modeling to create a brand-new set of accounts with a higher likelihood of being interested in your products or services, ultimately converting and generating revenue for your business.  

Furthermore, retargeting is not exclusive to visitors to your website. Precision intent data can identify in-market accounts and interested buyers using various sources across the broader Internet and AI-powered intelligence modeled precisely to your unique offering and value propositions. It creates a powerful opportunity for marketers to retarget accounts or buyers that have already expressed interest in the same or similar products or services with a greater likelihood of converting.  

Differentiate from Your Competitors and Expand into Whitespace Opportunities 

Digital display campaigns are only as powerful as the intelligence that drives them. Marketers successfully leveraging precision intent data can differentiate themselves from the competition and generate incremental revenue from whitespace opportunities.

Intentsify’s display advertising is the first and only B2B display solution using advanced AI-generated, customized intent signals to dynamically align programs to your target accounts’ continuously evolving buyer journey. This is why Forrester named us a strong performer in The Forrester Wave™ B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023 Report, where we were recognized as superior in the categories that matter most: data accuracy and noise filtering, vision, innovation, and roadmap. 

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